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The importance of flexible working

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly changed the world of work, and for many employees, this has resulted in the ability to work remotely and/or more flexibility. New research published by LinkedIn highlights the long-term effects of these changes, however it also demonstrates that employers are gradually beginning to ask their employees to work more frequently from the office.

The research and data gathered by LinkedIn shows that:

  • More than a third of UK workers would resign if they were no longer able to work from home.
  • Women in particular wish to have more workplace flexibility. 52% of the women surveyed said they had left or were considering leaving their role due to a lack of flexibility.
  • Within the last ten months, the number of job postings for remote roles decreased by 30%. Remote roles now represent only 11% of job postings.
  • 49% of company leaders surveyed would prefer their employees to work from the office more frequently.

It appears that the conflict between employee desire for remote working and employers wanting more people back in the workplace will continue.