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Individual managers and directors increasingly face investigation and prosecution as well as the organisation itself for alleged health and safety breaches following an accident or critical incident in the workplace.

MLR offers a specialist service advising on all aspects of compliance, policy and procedures such as HR issues as well as defence from the moment the incident occurs, through investigation and interviews under caution to proceedings before the Magistrates or Crown Courts as well as Inquests. Robust, proactive measures are your best defence not just to prevent the incident occurring in the first place, but also by demonstrating the efforts you have made to safeguard your workforce and others.

Director Andrew Manners leads MLR’s team and our services include:

  • Advice on safety management systems, policies and procedures.
  • Multi-agency working with our lawyers from sectors such as Healthcare, Construction and Agriculture as well as sector specialist consultants.
  • On-site deployment following an incident to secure evidence and advise during an investigation by Police and/or HSE.
  • Representation throughout every stage of an investigation from interviews under caution to trial before the Magistrates or Crown Courts.
  • Inquest representation.

Our case work includes the following:

  • Corporate Manslaughter investigations including a Legionnaires outbreak with multiple deaths and Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Multiple cases of asbestos control and exposure in construction and demolition works.
  • Deaths of Care Home residents and serious accidents to children in Day Nursery settings in England and Wales involving joint Police, HSE and CSSIW/Ofsted investigations. Dealing with the criminal investigation as well as parallel suspension of registration proceedings before the Care Standards Tribunal.

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