Prices and Services

Motoring offences (summary offences)

MLR does not currently offer fixed fees for such work as each case is different and will take different amounts of time and work.

Our total costs are based on an hourly rate dependent on the seniority and experience of the fee-earner working on the case. All fees published are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate (currently 20%).

Our Regulatory & Crime team includes Directors, Associate Directors, Assistant Solicitors, Paralegals and Trainee Solicitors as follows:

Andrew Manners (Director & Solicitor-Advocate): £295ph

Andrew has over 30 years post-qualification experience in criminal defence of all cases including homicide, serious fraud, road traffic and driving offences including death by dangerous and careless driving. Andrew has rights of audience before all levels of court. Andrew supervises the team members on a continuous basis.

Cassie Greville (Associate Director): £260ph

Cassie has over 10 years post-qualification experience including high profile care standards, fatal health and safety cases as well as financial crime. She also works on motoring cases including serious RTA’s.

Mia Jones (Solicitor): £180ph

Mia is in her second year of post-qualification experience and is quickly gaining significant experience in a range of crime and regulatory cases, including motoring cases.

Trainee Solicitors: £135ph

Additional information:

  • All necessary MLR legal and support services are included in the hourly rate. If a Barrister is instructed, their fees will be a disbursement and an additional fee which will also be subject to VAT. We will agree with the client these fees before we instruct the Barrister.
  • Additional disbursements may be incurred depending on the case, such as expert’s fees (e.g. accident reconstruction or a back-calculation on a drink-drive case). We will obtain a quote for such fees and the client’s prior agreement.
  • There is no typical case but by way of illustration, a guilty plea at the first and only hearing where attendance by one of our advocates is necessary and no use of experts or need for medical reports/records is likely to cost £1,200 – £1,700 plus VAT(depending on location of court). A contested case with evidence being called can cost between £5,000 – £8,000 plus VAT depending on length of trial.
  • A detailed letter of engagement with our terms and conditions of business is sent to all clients at the start of the retainer and will include a fee estimate specific to that case. Often, we will agree stages with clients with caps on costs as an alternative and this will be set out in our letter of engagement.
  • A guilty plea is likely to conclude at the first court hearing listed on the summons or postal charge. If there is a not guilty plea, the case will be adjourned at first hearing and is likely to take up to two months from that date to conclude.