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World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is suicide prevention.

Every step taken towards preventing suicide is also a step towards a mentally healthier society. We will all benefit if we create a society where we can ask for help, experience less trauma and distress and where support is on hand when we need it.

Employer Tip – ensure that there is a strong support procedure in place for your employees. Help to create a work environment that value its employees and their families. If in the situation of an attempted suicide or death, have a plan in place for responding to these circumstances. Implement clear policies, procedures and practical guidance to help employees who need support around issues including mental health, long-term health, domestic violence and financial insecurity. Internal communications and induction programmes that ensure employees are aware of resources and support available and that these are accessible to everyone. Education and training on mental health, including suicide awareness, for all employees especially line managers.