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Wahaca have changed their policy as a result of a waiter paying a customer’s unpaid bill

Wahaca’s policy has been amended as a result of a waiter having to pay a customer’s unpaid bill. Prior to amendments, the policy required waiters to pay for unpaid bills if “real negligence” had happened. It has not been clarified what it was meant by “real negligence”.

Wahaca has said that the cause for this event was due to an “internal communications issue”. Since the event, they have said that waiters do not have an obligation to pay for the customer’s unpaid bill. Nonetheless, the amended policy gives scope to investigate the waiter if Wahaca are dubious that the waiter has been conniving.   

If waiters are receiving a small salary, having to pay a customer’s unpaid bill may also mean the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 is breached.