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Two brothers sentenced under Modern Slavery Act

Two brothers have each been jailed for exploitation under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and fraud offences and conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation under the Fraud Act 2006.


The two brothers arranged for vulnerable people to travel to the UK before stealing the majority of their wages. The brothers identified targets that were unemployed or in need of money with the help of others and offered travel, work and accommodation. Through an agency, the victims were given warehouse work at Sports Direct.


The brothers removed the victims travel documents and then assisted the victims to open bank accounts. The victims bank cards were then seized by the brothers and they were given only £90 of their earnings of approximately £265 a week, the difference being kept by the brothers. The brothers controlled the victims by taking control of their finances and communications, and by sometimes threatening violence.


The two brothers were each sentenced to six years for the exploitation and two and a half years for the fraud. A charge of conspiracy to require a person to perform forced labour was left to lie on the file.


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