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Tribunal statistics July to September 2020

During July to September 2020, single claim receipts rose to 11,000 and multiple claim receipts rose to 19,000 (a respective 13% and 24% increase compared with the same quarter in 2019).  The rise is likely to be in response to the rise of unemployment as a result of COVID-19, in addition to the strain on the ET resources due to social distancing guidelines. Indeed, it is anticipated that the number of receipts is likely to continue to rise and could be further accelerated when the furlough scheme ends.

The sharp increase in the backlog of cases has come to light as a result of COVID-19.  A significant 13% rise in single claim receipts was met with a 7% decrease in disposals of such claims, resulting in a 22% increase in outstanding caseload and a mean age at disposal of 39 weeks, five weeks more than during the same quarter in 2019.  For multiple claims, disposals fell by 61% and the mean age at disposal fell from 112 weeks to 95 weeks over the same period. Overall, the ET disposed of 9,200 claims during July to September 2020 (39% down on the same period in 2019).

During the period from July to September 2020, 29% of disposals were withdrawn (22% of which were ACAS conciliated settlements), 18% were dismissed upon withdrawal, 10% were struck out and 7% were successful at hearing.

Ministry of Justice: Tribunal Statistics Quarterly, July to September 2020 (10 December 2020)