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The cost-of-living impact on employees’ mental health

An Acas survey of just over 1,000 employees has found that the mental health of 47% of respondents has suffered due to the increase in the cost-of-living. 10% of respondents said that their mental health had been significantly negatively affected, with 37% of respondents saying their mental health had been moderately impacted.

As a result of this survey, Acas have suggested that employers should offer practical tips to employees such as signposting to financial advice. In addition, Acas suggest that when managing staff mental health, employers should:

  • ensure that they are approachable and encourage their employees to talk to them if they are experiencing problems.
  • Regularly keep in contact with their employees to check how they are coping.
  • Consider whether adjustments should be made to help an employee such as allowing them to work more flexibly in order to save costs.
  • Always be supportive and patient with an employee that wants to discuss their mental health. Employers should also remember to respect confidentiality.

Acas have also provided the following suggestions for employees to support their own mental health and wellbeing:

  • Ensure that you allocate time for activities that you enjoy.
  • Think about what helps to make you feel positive and what does not make you feel positive.
  • Talk to your colleagues and friends about your feelings.
  • Talk to your manager about your situation and check to see what support is available from your employer.