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Over £9 million in illegal working fines issued

A quarterly report has been issued by UK Visas and Immigration, which shows the total number of fines for illegal working given to employers in the United Kingdom.

The report also shows that 826 illegal workers were found across the UK between 1 July and 30 September 2017, a 24% increase when compared to figures released in the previous quarter. 600 penalties were issued to employers amounting to just over £9.5 million in fines being issued across the UK.

Employers named and shamed as workers set to receive back pay amounting to just over £1 million

180 employers (including restaurant chains such as Wagamama and TGI Fridays) have failed to pay the minimum wage to its employees, and will now have to pay £1.1 million to workers and £1.3 million in fines.

In the latest of the government’s routine “naming and shaming” round, approximately 9,000 workers are expected to receive back pay in the forthcoming months. It has been reported that employers in the hairdressing and hospitality sectors were the worst offenders, with total minimum wage arrears amounting to over £500,000.

Since its introduction, the naming campaign has resulted in £9 million in minimum wage arrears being identified and over 1,700 employers have been fined £6.3 million.

Once caught, employers would not only be forced to pay outstanding arrears, but would also be fined up to 200% of wages owed.