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ONS: Ethnicity pay gaps

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released earnings statistics for different ethnic groups, using data from the Annual Population Survey between 2021 and 2022.

The ONS suggests that:

  • Black, African, Caribbean, or Black British employees have, consistently since 2012, earner less that White employees. In 2022, based the five-category breakdown, Asian or Asian British employees earned more than White employees, with a pay gap of negative 3.3%.
  • County of birth is an important pay- determining factor. When compared with UK- born White employees (who earned on average £14.26 an hour), UK – born Black, African, Caribbean or Black British employees earn more (£15.18 an hour), while non-UK born Black British employees earned less (£12.95 an hour).
  • Ethnicity pay gaps are potentially affected by differences in personal and work characteristics. Factors with the greatest impact are occupation, qualifications, geography, age, and sex.

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