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New research published: Dyslexic-friendly workplaces

Made by Dyslexia and Randstad Enterprise have recently conducted research which shows a significant disparity between the perception of HR leaders, who believe they are progressing towards establishing dyslexic-friendly workplaces, and the real-life experiences of dyslexic employees. For example, 64% of HR leaders believe their recruitment processes identified candidates with dyslexic thinking skills. However, only 4% of dyslexic thinkers agreed with this. Made by Dyslexia and Randstad Enterprise have therefore produced a report which includes steps for employers to take to improve the recruitment and retention of dyslexic thinkers.

Some of these steps include the following:

  • Recruitment – During the recruitment process, the report recommends that employers should provide candidates with extra time for responses and quiet spaces for tests. Employers should also ensure that they ask clear questions and provide candidates with an opportunity to show how their dyslexic thinking skills will help them to succeed. The report suggests that employers should review their recruitment process and consider whether it includes unnecessary barriers such as lengthy online applications.
  • Value dyslexic thinking – The research shows that the majority of HR leaders (66%) believe their organisations understand the value of dyslexic thinking. However, in reality only 14% of dyslexic thinkers agreed. The report therefore recommends that training is undertaken as this can help to change perceptions and ensure that employers improve their understanding of dyslexia.
  • Accommodate employees with dyslexic thinking skills – The report suggests that employers should ensure there is a culture of openness as this will help dyslexic-thinking employees to feel engaged. Consideration should also be given to providing employees with the opportunity to use technologies such as artificial intelligence.
  • Long-term support – The report recommends that employers establish groups for dyslexic employees as this will contribute towards creating a more supportive and inclusive environment. Employers should also ensure that there are ways for the needs of dyslexic employees to be passed straight to the senior management team.

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