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New ACAS Guidance on age discrimination for employers

ACAS has recently published new guidance on age discrimination for employers, managers, HR professional, employees, trade union representatives and job applicants.

Firstly, the guidance provides clear examples of necessary actions to prevent age discrimination in the workplace, exploring different examples of forms of discrimination and suggesting alternative approaches on how best to deal with cases of age discrimination. Highlighting the legal requirements placed on employers whilst also suggesting practise measure to supplement the current legislation.

Further, the guidance includes illustrative case studies to help in identifying forms of age discrimination, including; direct, indirect, harassment and victimisation. Additional case studies explain the various stages at which discrimination can occur, for example, recruitment, promotion considerations and commonly upon dismissals.

Lastly, the guidance offers tips on how to avoid preconceptions and bias based on age, providing hyperlinks to other useful guidance on discrimination. The tips include avoiding language such as “gramps” and how to handle the situations surrounding the menopause.

Published alongside the guidance were two further documents detailing the top ten things for employers to consider and the top ten age discrimination myths.