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Labour’s action plan

In an attempt to support menopausal women in work, the Labour Party have vowed that if they are successful in the next election, they will require all large companies with over 250 employees to implement and publish a “menopause action plan”. The action plan, if implemented, will require employers to set out how they intend to support menopausal employees.

The 2021 Labour Force Survey found that menopausal workers make up 11% of all people in employment, and recent research from BUPA has found that nearly one million women had left employment as a direct result of their menopause symptoms and a lack of support from their employers.

In order to support menopausal individuals, employers could:

  • Create an internal support system – this could be laid out in a menopause policy, and could point employees to individuals or “champions” who are experienced and/or trained to support their individual needs or offer guidance;
  • Consider implementing reasonable adjustments, depending on the individual’s symptoms. For example, these could include the provision of cool air fans, regular breaks, access to cold water and breathable uniforms;
  • Ensure line managers and the HR department receive appropriate training;
  • Raise awareness to tackle the stigma; and
  • Consider flexible working, or if you have already implemented flexible working, consider extensions and/or exceptions to your policy.

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