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Lesbian Gay and Bisexual conflict at work

The CIPD have recently published their research report Inclusion at work: Perspectives on LGBT+ working lives, which has revealed that, over a twelve-month period, more than 40% of LGB+ workers and 55% of transgender (trans) workers faced conflict in the workplace.

The report reveals that “conflict situations” include those in which workers were humiliated or undermined, faced discriminatory behaviour, or experienced physical or sexual assault. 18% of trans workers reported feeling psychologically unsafe at work i.e. feeling unable to be accepted, valued, or voice their concerns and 16% of LGB+ workers felt the same way.  This figure fell to 10% for heterosexual workers. In particular, the report revealed that trans workers are particularly unsafe in the workplace, with 12% of trans workers experiencing unwanted sexual attention at work and 2% experiencing sexual assault, and at least 50% of workplace conflicts experienced by trans people remaining unresolved.

Significantly, the CIPD has suggested a range of steps that organisations can take to improve support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) staff in the workplace, including initiating company-wide education on inclusion, and the creation of safe spaces and networks for LGBT+ employees and allies.