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Interim maintenance – pound for pound orders

In the case of LKH v TQA AL Z [2018] EWHC 2436 (Fam) in July 2018, the court granted an injunction preventing a husband from paying any further monies to any firm of solicitors instructed by him practicing in England and Wales unless he paid an equal amount to the wife’s solicitors to discharge arrears under an earlier order of the Court.

The Court had previously directed that the husband pay the wife interim maintenance at £29,500 per month and a costs allowance of £40,000 per month. The husband had not complied and there were arrears amounting to £230,000.

The Judge noted that it was “intolerable and an affront to justice that in the last month this man had paid £95,000 to his new solicitors at the very time he was already in arrears and getting further into arrears with his wife”.