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Gender pay gap reporting: private sector reports show median pay gap of 9.7%

The deadline for large private and voluntary sector employers to publish their gender pay gap (GPG) figures was 4 April 2018.

There were 1,000 employers who reported their GPG figures on the last day whilst approximately 1,500 missed the deadline. The results show that 78% of large employers pay men more than women, with only 8% reporting no pay gap at all. On the basis of the figures submitted, the national median pay gap was reported to be 9.7%, which is significantly lower than the national GPG of 18.4% (recorded by the Office of National Statistics).

Those employers who reported large GPGs include Ryanair (71.8%), Royal Bank of Scotland (36.5%) and Virgin Money (38.4%).

The largest reported GPG of 35.6% was found within the finance sector, whilst the accommodation and food services sectors reported the smallest pay gap, with an average median GPG of 1%, which could potentially be explained by such businesses using flat pay rates, with a large proportion of staff on the minimum wage.

Some companies reported negative pay gaps, where women are paid on average more than men. These included Tesla Motors (-3.8%) and Mamas and Papas (-4.8%).

The EHRC called for employers to tackle their GPG by reviewing their flexible working practices, tackling conscious and unconscious bias, and addressing pregnancy and maternity pay discrimination.