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Gender pay gap data published

The Office of National Statistics releases annual statistics on differences in pay between women and men by age, region, fulltime and part time status and occupation, as compiled from its Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.

As of April 2023, the total gender pay gap was 14.3%. The gap among full time employees increased to 7.7% in 2023, up from 7.6% the previous year. The gender pay gap for part time employees did not change in 2023 at -3.3%.

There remains a significantly higher gender pay gap among employees aged 40 and over compared with those under 40 years. For age groups under 40 years, the gender pay gap for full time employees is 4.7% or below. For age groups of full time employees aged 40 and older the gender pay gap is much higher. The largest gender pay gap is in the age group of full time employees aged 60 years and over, where the gap is 14.2%. A significant reason why the larger pay gap for those aged 40 and over is the smaller proportion of woman in fulltime, higher paid roles.

You can read the report and view the Gender pay gap data here – Gender pay gap in the UK – Office for National Statistics (

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