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Gender Discrimination

Randstad’s recent report on gender equality in the workplace found that of the 6,000 UK workers surveyed nearly three quarters of women in the construction, health care, education and technology sectors have encountered inappropriate comments by male colleagues or they have witnessed comments of inappropriate behaviour.

Further, nearly 10% said that because of their gender they felt they had been offered a less important role in the workplace and, in terms of career advancement, 7% reported that due to perceived gender discrimination they had been passed over for promotions. In fact, only around 18% of those surveyed had never experienced some form of gender discrimination.

The majority of women across all the sectors also reported feeling that not enough was being done by employers in order to support female employees during menopause. The report therefore makes recommendations on how to ensure the recruitment process and employee lifecycle is inclusive of the different groups of people who make up the workforce, for example by helping with childcare costs and adopting blind applications.