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Female workers receive grooming “list”

Senior staff at the Dorchester Hotel have been criticised for sending a list of grooming standards to female applicants requiring them to meet certain standards while working at the hotel. The list prohibits female employees from arriving to work with oily skin, bitten nails or body odour, and suggests that female employees undergo regular manicures and wear full make-up.

List of do’s and don’ts: 


  • shave your legs (even if wearing tights)
  • wear full make-up
  • wash your hair
  • brush your teeth
  • use deodorant
  • have regular manicures


  • Have oily skin
  • Wear overly garish or bright make-up
  • Display chipped or bitten nails
  • Have off-putting body odour
  • Display any excess body hair, which includes the face

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