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Employment tribunal statistics for January to March 2018

The Ministry of Justice has published the Employment Tribunal quarterly statistics for the period January to March 2018.

Statistics show that:

  • The number of single claim receipts, disposals and outstanding caseload all increased by 118%, 43% and 89% compared to figures of the same period in 2017
  • Receipts of multiple cases decreased by 40%
  • Outstanding caseload for multiple cases increased by 21%.

From the period January to March 2018, Employment Tribunals disposed of 10,343 claims, which is 9% less when compared to the same period in 2017. There has also been:

  • 36% decrease in multiple claims disposals;
  • 29% of claims disposed of were conciliated by Acas;
  • 17% withdrawn;
  • 16% dismissed on withdrawal;
  • 14% struck out; and
  • 10% were successful at hearing.