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Employment Tribunal Quarterly Statistics for July to September 2018.

The Ministry of Justice has recently published, the employment tribunal quarterly statistics for the months July to September 2018.

When compared to the same period of 2017, receipts, disposal and outstanding case loads all increased with case loads surging to an increase of 77%. However, multi-claims fell by roughly 30% in respect of receipts and disposals, adversely, the caseloads for multiclaim rose by 30% during that period.

A further point noted from the statistics is 28% of complaints were disposed of via ACAS conciliated statements, 24% of complaints were withdrawn and 10% were completely struck out. Whilst a mere 8% were successful. The most common of complaints being “unauthorised deductions”.

Since the launch of the Employment Tribunal Fee Refund scheme introduced back in October 2017, over 21,000 applications were received. With around 20,000 of the claims receiving refund payments totally £15,825,000.00.