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EHRC investigations into gender pay gap reporting failures began in June 2018

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) began its investigations into employers who failed to comply with their gender pay gap (GPG) reporting obligations in June. Approximately 1,500 companies missed the deadline and were provided with 28 days from 9 April to comply or face further action. The EHRC have stated that those employers who do not report their data within 28 days of receiving a notification from the EHRC will face further action, which could include written agreements, unlawful notices and unlimited fines. The EHRC could name and shame employers that reach the investigation stage by uploading the results of investigations online which will be available to members of the public and the media.

More than 400 organisations have since either reported their data or confirmed that they do not come under the regulations. Those that have not complied will be investigated to ascertain if they have committed an unlawful act and if so may face a fine.