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Domestic abuse guidance

On 14 January 2021, an open letter to employers calling on them to support the victims of domestic abuse was published by the Government.  BEIS has also now published a report setting out the findings from its review into how victims of domestic abuse can be supported at work and the actions the government will take as a result. The three main themes of the report are:

  • Raising awareness – considers the need for employers to spot the signs of domestic abuse, how they can respond safely and effectively to a disclosure from a member of staff and how they can support staff who need to access specialist services.
  • Providing support through the development of best practice – suggests that employers should, where possible, have a policy on domestic abuse. It also recommends practical steps that employers can take to support victims of domestic abuse, training for line managers and HR, a proactive role on the part of senior leadership and the use of Domestic Abuse Champions.

Following publication of the report, Acas has further announced new advice for employers on how to support staff that are experiencing domestic abuse. Acas suggested that the first step for employers at this time was to provide a safe work space for those at risk of domestic abuse. It also highlighted practical steps such as introducing a policy and providing training to managers.