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COVID-19: Access to Work scheme employer factsheet updated

The government has updated the employer guide for the Access to Work scheme, which provides grants of up to £60,700 to help disabled people start or stay in work. The updated guidance states that employees affected by the COVID-19 outbreak may be able to get help with working from home, in the workplace, or a combination of both.  If employees cannot use public transport safely because of their disability or health condition, and their doctor or healthcare professional supports this, funding may be available for extra travel costs.  Access to Work can also provide funding for remote support services, such as video remote interpreting or British Sign Language interpreting. The period for submitting claims has been increased from six to nine months because of the pandemic.

Businesses based in the EU who send employees to Great Britain to work will no longer be eligible to apply for support under the Access to Work scheme.

To be eligible for an Access to Work grant, a person must have a disability or long-term health condition that means they need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do their job, or have a mental health condition which requires support in work. The grants are available to adults who are in, or are about to start, paid employment, including self-employment.