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Claims for menopause-related issues rise by 44%

The Menopause Experts Group has found that there has been a 44% increase in Employment Tribunal claims citing the menopause. An analysis of court records revealed 23 cases cited the menopause in 2021, in contrast to 16 cases in 2020. In addition, referral to the word “menopause” increased by 75% in tribunal documents. Menopause Experts Group has suggested that employers should offer their workforce training about symptoms, signs and side-effects of the menopause.

These findings follow a report recently published by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee titled “Menopause and the Workplace” which emphasises that there is much more that employers should do to help their workforce. They recommend solutions such as practical adjustments, additional flexibility, and fostering greater respect and understanding of the menopause within the workplace.

On a greater scale, the report calls on the government to appoint a Menopause Ambassador to champion good practice, produce model menopause policies and trial specific menopause leave with a large public sector employer.