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CIPD: Transgender and non-binary guidance

The CIPD has published new guidance on ‘transgender and non-binary inclusion at work’ to assist employers in enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

According to the recent research carried out by the CIPD, LGBTQ+ employees are more likely to experience workplace harassment than heterosexual colleagues. 18% of transgendered employees admitted that they felt mentally unsafe in the workplace.

The guidance can help employers create a more inclusive workplace for transgender and non- binary employees. Employers can achieve this by carrying out the following:

  • Creating new EDI policies and amending existing policies to ensure they are up to date.
  • Carrying out EDI training.
  • Demonstrating through web pages and social media platforms that they are a diverse workplace to attract talent.
  • Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and accepted.
  • Avoiding sharing data about transgender and non- binary persons’ gender identity unless they have instructions to do so.
  • Making sure action is taken if an employee displays inappropriate behaviour towards transgenders and non-binary employee in the workplace.

Click here to read the guidance: