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Career ramifications for almost half of menopausal employees

A recent survey of 1,001 employees has revealed that 44% of menopausal employeeswho have experienced symptoms linked to the menopause, do not divulge the information for fear of it negatively impacting their career. Moreover, 48% of those surveyed stated they would lie about the reason for taking time off work, with 39% stating they were too embarrassed to discuss the topic of menopause at work.  

So, what can employers do to support menopausal individuals?

Employers could:

  • Create an internal support system – this could be laid out in a menopause policy, and could point employees to individuals or “champions” who are experienced and/or trained to support their individual needs or offer guidance;
  • Consider implementing reasonable adjustments, depending on the individual’s symptoms. For example, these could include the provision of cool air fans, regular breaks, access to cold water and breathable uniforms;
  • Ensure line managers and the HR department receive appropriate training;
  • Raise awareness to tackle the stigma; and
  • Consider flexible working, or if you have already implemented flexible working, consider extensions and/or exceptions to your policy.

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