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Awareness about workers’ rights to be improved

In a bid to combat nationwide lack of knowledge about workers’ rights, on 22 January 2021, the Welsh Government announced that it will be collaborating with a range of partners including Acas, Citizens Advice and the Wales TUC to further this. The aim of the collaboration is to raise awareness regarding the range of expert support available to workers and employers, highlighting the importance of employers, workers and trade unions working together to improve the workplace.

The launch of the scheme follows the publication of statistics by the Wales TUC, which revealed that one in ten workers in Wales do not have a good understanding of their rights. In addition, the TUC survey identified key areas of concern including fair pay, a concern for 41% of workers, health and safety, a concern for 30% of workers, and flexibility, a concern for 27% of workers. Worryingly, 20% of black, Asian and ethnic minority workers did not believe that their employer understood or respected their employment rights, compared with 14% of white respondents.