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AI in the workplace

With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is currently an ongoing debate about the advantages and disadvantages of AI. Whilst some experts believe the use of AI will lead to a positive transformational change, others believe it will lead to the automation of thousands of jobs. Amidst this ongoing debate, many employers have begun to look into AI and its potential effects.

Indeed, a recent survey of nearly 9,000 professionals and employers found that approximately 50% of employers and professionals want to use AI in the workplace. However, despite a strong desire to use AI, the results show that of those surveyed only 21% of organisations currently use AI. This figure drops again for workers, with only 15% currently using AI in their role.

The results also show that:

  • only 8% of employers and 13% of employers believe that the implementation of AI should be feared.
  • Despite the rapid development of AI, only 27% of organisations have begun to upskill their employees to prepare for the use of AI.

The CIPD suggest that employers should begin to carefully think about AI and in particular, employers should think about the benefits, risks and purpose of AI. This will enable employers to adapt and implement AI technology successfully.