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Accountants – White Label Service

As Accountants we recognise that you are often the first port of call for all business-related queries, including Employment Law and HR.

The Employment Law arena is fast moving and always evolving through new legislation and case law.  As professional qualified accountants you may not always have the time to keep up with current employment legislation and by not providing up to date advice you may adversely impact your professional indemnity insurance.

We are therefore offering an outsourced retainer service for your firm to offer to your clients.  This includes:

Up to date legally compliant Template Contracts of Employment;

A comprehensive Staff Handbook;

A suite of commonly used documents such as invite to disciplinary meetings, letter confirming unsuccessful probation period and offer of employment letter; and

Telephone advice line.

As part of a value-added package, your firm could offer Employment and HR Support through our assistance in addition to its normal service.  The support is underwritten by a team of four specialist and qualified Employment Lawyers.

The telephone advice line allows you and your staff to access professional employment lawyers to gain their advice, views and guidance on specific employment law and HR queries that your clients are posing to you.  This facility will enable you to either check the advice you were proposing to give your clients (to ensure it is legally compliant) or to gain advice on such areas that you are unsure of.

Our White Label service is charged at an annual fee.  By spreading the price of our annual fee across your client base it is a cost-effective solution to ensure you have access to up to date commercial employment law advice backed with solicitor’s insurance.

MLR have the largest Team of Employment Lawyers in South West Wales and are described by the Legal 500 as having the “depth and knowledge of City law firms”.  We are also ranked as one of only eight firms in Wales as a top scoring firm for client service.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to get involved in the provision of employment and HR advice but your clients are looking for a dedicated team of experts to support their business we also offer employers with bespoke support services packages at a fixed monthly cost. Either way, we are keen to assist you or your clients in terms of managing risks that arise from employment related issues.

For further information, for a discussion about the service or for a quote please contact Hannah Belton, Director and Head of Employment Law on 01267 493130 or [email protected]