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25% of employees currently have no unfair dismissal rights

TUC has published a recent report revealing that approximately 7.5 million employees, being 25% of workers, have been employed for less than two year, therefore, not been employed long enough to have qualified for unfair dismissal protection.

In particular, the study identified that those working in the sectors most adversely impacted by COVID-19, hospitality and retail, were the most vulnerable, with 45% of hospitality staff and 32% of retail workers not yet attaining unfair dismissal rights.  Similarly, the TUC’s survey also reported that BME and young workers were also at risk, as 33% of BME workers and 56% of 20-24-year-olds do not yet have unfair dismissal rights.

Pending the government’s pledge to introduce a new employment bill to improve employee protection at work, TUC is now calling for the government to implement a day-one right for unfair dismissal protection.  It has further proposed a ban on zero-hours contracts, and to give workers the right to request flexible working from the first day in a job.