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Regulatory & Crime

Safeguarding your interests is our priority at MLR. Businesses and key individuals are increasingly subject to regulations that carry the threat of criminal sanction where a breach can be proved and our regulatory team has developed in response to the need to protect our clients who find themselves both personally and as an organisation facing this very real threat.

The reality is that for business especially SME's, there is an impossible amount of regulation to be familiar with that can affect their day to day operation and owners and managers can have little or no idea of what's out there in the black hole of domestic and European regulation. For example, a farmer wanting to dispose of a dead cow on his farm could fall foul of Welsh Animal By-Products Regulations, the Food Safety Act and up to 48 Articles of EU Implementing regulations. A pub landlord could breach Welsh Food Hygiene Regulations and up to seven EU Regulations for having a concrete floor in the kitchen.

Health and Safety; Environmental Protection/Waste Management; Trading Standards/Consumer Protection offences; Data Protection; Food Safety; Companies Act and HMRC Tax investigations are just some examples of potential prosecutions individuals and organisations can face.

Director, Andrew Manners leads this team and has over 20 years' experience of serious and complex crime including Corporate Manslaughter Act investigations, tax fraud and other serious financial crime cases including SFO investigations and asset restraint and confiscation cases.

We can work with our clients proactively, assisting with compliance and due diligence and we also undertake fraud prevention audits.

In commercial frauds, we work as a multi-disciplinary team undertaking investigations and advising in respect of available remedies including Private Prosecutions. We work seamlessly with our specialist commercial litigation team led by Jason Williams who will then deal with emergency asset restraint and civil recoveries.

Case Work includes:

  • Care Standards: Joint Police/CSSIW investigation into the deaths of two residents and neglect of care of multiple residents at a Welsh Care Home; Joint Police/Ofsted investigation into nursery settings in the North of England involving unexplained fractures to children
  • Fatal Health & Safety and Corporate Manslaughter: a carbon monoxide poisoning and multiple deaths arising from a Legionnaires outbreak
  • Serious Tax Fraud and other Financial Crime: cases include a £50M EC VAT fraud; an off-shore serious tax fraud investigation by the Special Civil Investigations unit of HMRC; £11M alleged fraud involving EC matched funding
  • Money Laundering and Asset Restraint and Confiscation: cases include a £800K foreign cash seizure with cross border litigation; intervening on behalf of a commercial landlord whose properties had been made subject of a Restraint Order in criminal proceedings against a tenant and securing the release of the properties from the Order
  • Regulatory Investigations and Enforcement: cases include a large scale Trade Marks Act prosecution against a wholesale importer of CPU components on the "grey" market; fire safety prosecutions against a major regional retailer; trading standards prosecution against a leading franchised car dealer for misleading "sales" promotions; Connivance and neglect prosecutions of directors; prosecution brought against a Pharmacist and related fitness to practise proceedings; food safety; animal welfare and environmental prosecutions of farmers
  • Armed Forces Investigations: Andrew has for many years represented Welsh Forces personnel and their families in a range of investigations and has extensive experience of representing servicemen before Courts Martial. Prior to MOD downsizing Andrew ran a free monthly legal advice surgery at RAF St Athan for servicemen and their families.

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