Announcement: COVID-19 Information


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Announcement: COVID-19 Information - Offices Re-Opening

Announcement: COVID-19 Information - Offices Re-Opening

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COVID-19 Update Information

As of Monday 29th March 2021, our offices will re-open to members of the public.

As from Monday 29th March 2021, our offices will re-open. As Lockdown restrictions have started to ease, we have implemented all necessary measures to safeguard the health of our staff and clients so that all our premises are COVID-secure. During the lockdown we have had robust and secure systems in place which enabled our staff to continue their work with minimum disruption and we have thankfully, been able to fully support our clients during this very difficult time whilst at the same time, ensuring the health and welfare of our staff.

Wishing everyone well.

Our risk assessments are available to view:

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